Soaked in Love. Supported. Inspired.

Empowered. Connected. Determined.

The stuff that stirs the soul…

123-I’m Lola-

I believe in Truth, Freedom, & Following your Dreams

But mostly I believe in LoVe and how brilliant

your world can become when you let it in.

This blog is my personal journey in love, enlightenment, freedom, and truth.  It all started almost 2 years ago – and it will remain a fixed part of me until my journey is over.  I thank all of the soul mates and twin souls I have had in my life along the way, but most of all I thank my Twin Flame

– Iheanyi-

When I met You – I found Me

I’m on a mission to become ME –  and take the fear out of sharing my message.

I’m glad your here and would love to get to know you.

Remember, everything brought to you on this website was done in Love. Some of what you see and read you may like, and some may not make music in your favor.

But there are millions of people out here – all on our own journeys and singing the songs that light up our soul.  Best to you in yours.

Love & Light



2 Comments -Lola-

  1. Matthew Price

    So good to find your page.. to learn more about twin flames.. have found so much synchronicity in this year, and only just beginning to understand some of these beautiful complexities of life.. Wishing you a beautiful, inspired weekend.. xo

    1. Lola

      Hi Matthew-
      Thank you for visiting my page. They synchronicities are most definitely beautiful…AND complex 🙂
      Every day I learn more and more about what the experience was designed to teach me about myself..and life.
      I appreciate your comments and wish you a lovely weekend as well….x…L


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