Optical Delusions – Signs & Synchronicities 1

“Synchronicity is an ever present reality for those that have eyes to see” – Carl Jung

For those of you that read this post, and have an “Aha” moment – great! For those that don’t, the fact that you have come to read it in the first place says it all. 🙂

All twins have extraordinary experiences – and pure magic is known to occur. I’m going to talk to you about some of the signs and synchronicities that have occurred in my twin flame journey. In the next post, I will explain further in detail the concept of Synchronicity and some of the known signs and meanings. Because I am now awake and aware – I enjoy them as they come, and always have gratitude for the messages and their meaning, and the fact that they happen at all. For some it may be a bit too “heeby-jeeby” or “out there” – and I get it, because I used to feel this way too until I started to actually pay attention.

It all started at the end of 2011 – I distinctly remember because it was Fall time and the leaves were on the ground. I began to start seeing reoccurring number patterns – starting with 222. I started noticing I would look at the clock and it would be 2:22. Because I wake up a lot at night from my Fibromyalgia, it happened both AM and PM. I also started seeing it on license plates, receipts, etc. When it started happening daily, it started to freak me out. My older son’s birthday is Feb 22nd, so at first I started to think either it was a good or bad sign, possibly in relation to him. After a few months of seeing 222, 333 came into the picture. The next in line was 11:11, and I found out later that my twin experienced this too. (meanings to come in the next post) When we started communicating again in late 2012, the synchronicities started to happen at warp speed.

I know what you are thinking (Twilight Zone theme song playing) –    

and trust me, I had those thoughts too.

If you read some of my first posts, you will also know that the next synchronous event in line to happen was the random voicemail I got from my TF after 6 years. He thanked me for calling and said he wanted to catch up. I received two of these messages, and was shocked because number one – I didn’t call – and number two, I didn’t even know his number was still in my phone. It wasn’t in my list of contacts. Around the same time my twin had received a message from a friend. You see this friend is connected with a seer – and if you don’t know what a seer is, it is known to be a person who has the gift to be able to see what the future holds. Not a psychic per say that reads palms or tells fortunes, but just a woman who has the gift to see future events in peoples’ lives. My twin has never met this woman in person.

So the message he was given at that time was that she could see the woman he was destined to be with. She gave a full description of what the woman would look like, her multicultural heritage, and more about what she was like as a person. As he tells the story, he was a bit shocked but enamored at the same time, since he knows the history of accuracy of this particular seer. She doesn’t know when things will occur, she just knows she sees outcomes. Interesting enough, the person she described sounded a lot like dreams he had as a child of a specific woman.  He went on with life, business as usual, but kept it in the back of his mind.

Next was the “out of nowhere” text I got the day after Christmas 2012. My twin had some extra money and was planning on doing some traveling in the New Year. He was trying to decide where to go, when I popped into his mind and something urged him to try to contact me again. He was sitting on the couch with a friend, and decided to text me. He proposed a visit to Seattle in the upcoming weeks – and before I even had time to think about it, something told me to say YES. And I did.

Since you have been reading my story, what came next as you know, is part of history. These synchronicities were all taking place in order to bring one Flame to the other. We could feel it, like the way you can feel a storm coming by the way the air feels around you. Just because we could feel it, didn’t mean we knew it yet. Or know where it would take us…

 P.S. I forgot one piece of this part of the story…..my twin received another message from his friend the seer in January. She specifically wanted him to know that she was surprised he had found me so quickly, and that it was important for him to get his things in order to prepare for what comes next. Who would’ve thunk she would be so right??

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  1. Ebby

    I met the man that is now my best friend in the fall of 2011. When we started to interact I began seeing 222. We didn’t see each other for over 3yrs but still communicated occasionally.
    I now see him at least once a month and I see 222 even more than ever. Neither of us can understand why or explain to others why it’s happens. It scares me sometimes , but I also enjoy it because I’m reminded of my relationship with my best friend.


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