Sometimes..Silence is a really good answer.

In the beginning stages of my spiritual journey, I found it extremely difficult to quiet my “mind games” I started playing with myself. Twin Flame love is the highest possible form of love. It is a kind of love that is both unsettling and all-embracing at the same time.  It is an intense experience, it feels undeniably deep and regularly keeps you stuck in your Ego and emotional world. This comes with misunderstanding, disruption, denial, distance and repelling behavior. Worry becomes the norm, if you let it.

If we don’t allow the mind to be silent, we make emotional judgments and decisions, and that is how we get into trouble. Here is where the battle starts – within and outside of ourselves. The more you try to quiet your mind, the more you propel it into activity. If you try to control your mind, you’ll find that the action of subduing is itself disquieting. You see, a mind that is already unquiet cannot deal with a non-quiet mind. This vicious cycle perpetuates a continuous state of frenzy.

I will be posting many tips and tools I have used during my twin flame journey – and even if you aren’t going through a similar experience, we all have trials and tribulations in life.  Understanding the importance of and learning about Silence – has preserved my sanity during some of the difficult days.  For now, here is my #1 Tip when you are confronted with a challenging problem or situation and you are looking for answers.

Ask your heart, and listen.

Silence your mind, and feel your heart presenting you with the answer. When you are making up answers, thinking them, you are not in the right place. When you feel the answers, you are.

“The mind isn’t going to stop thinking. The goal of mindfulness isn’t to
suppress thinking, but to surpass it.”

Love and Light



2 Comments Sometimes..Silence is a really good answer.

    1. Lola

      Thank you Emily – it is definitely a crazy journey 🙂 I will be posting a few times each week. If you sign up for my updates you will receive notice of new posts. I appreciate you reading. Blessings!


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