Twin Flame Confusion

July has been a blur of a month, and some great things have been occurring as well as some challenging circumstances and continued emotional upheavals. I am continually working hard on learning more about the twin flame spiritual path so that I can grow to help more people as well as embarking on a new intuitive journey. More to come on that later, but I am sure you are wondering what happened after I finally arrived in Los Angeles to spend my life with the man of my dreams? Lol….waiting on pins and needles 🙂

This post focuses on the extremely difficult dynamics that are involved when you throw two human beings together that already have a soul level relationship that has existed for many lifetimes – without them knowing how to cope.

The most difficult part of the process can be the desire to merge the relationship smoothly into our pre-existing lives and commitments.  In the past, twin flames only incarnated at the same time when both had already done the work necessary on a spiritual level – to meet and carry on with what they were meant to achieve in their union in this lifetime.  Because the number of twin flames that are uniting has rapidly gained momentum in the past 5 years, these unions are happening before this work is done on an individual level. All over the world this integration process is proving to be damaging and at times not even possible for some. Not to mention, if the healing has not been done by each twin, there is a TON of past Karma that has to be cleaned up along the way.

One or both Twins may feel that it is more than they can handle, and collapse or retreat back into their previous old habits and lives, as that is the simplest option.  Other times both Twins strive courageously, and with great faith and imagination, to build a life that honors the truth of who they are to their Twin, and their very real existing commitments to their families and communities.  This is called the runner/chaser dynamic and is typical with twin flames. One twin always more rapidly evolves spiritually, leaving the other one questioning everything about themselves, their life, and the relationship. It is a dance to an out of tune song, with both twins trying to catch the rhythm and keep it there. My twin and I both have played the part of runner/chaser – but once I realized there is no end to the twin flame, it all became clear and I welcomed every moment no matter how difficult at times, because you can’t run forever.

 I assume you know what I am going to say next…. My twin chose to keep running.

The situation above is exactly what my arrival in LA brought to my table! The most comical part about it is that both my Twin and I had been working on “self” for some time before we connected – in fact I specifically remember many conversations we had about “healing” from past relationships and the hard knocks of life in general. I know my Twin thought that he was on an upwards slope in his spiritual beliefs and journey and I thought that I had come to a point when I had been through it all and was heading to the golden road of bliss. I call Bullshit! My loves, if you have never had to stare directly in the face of Karma and Truth every day and try to keep it full of Peace and Harmony – it becomes a bit of a freakshow.

It was much more than just two people having different lifestyles, parenting habits, and family circumstances. Yes, those things can be challenging, but when you are faced with a mirror that proves to you every day exactly how much work you HAD NOT achieved yet in your own soul’s journey – EGO goes into overdrive and literally every move you make is done out of fear and sense of imbalance. The twin flame relationship is ONLY about LOVE – but sometimes during the way it gets a little lost in the shuffle. broken heart

Ultimately, this relationship is borne from Divine Love, and it is elevated by Divine Love.  As is typical with many things in our human experience, the level of difficulty and pain experienced and expressed is a perfect reflection of the level of resistance (individual and collective) to what IS, or TRUTH. Why is it that so many of us fight the exact things that will ultimately bring us the peace and harmony we search for?? Some can’t handle the truth – as it takes them out of their comfort zone, and anything in life worth having leaves your comfort zone in the dust.

My Truth? I am confident the destination and what it brings far surpasses the challenge of the journey.


Love and Light





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