Twin Reflections 2

I realized early on in my twin flame relationship, that when my TF and I were together, magical things happened. When I first arrived in California, I begged my twin to take me to the beach first thing. I had no idea of the navigation around that area, so we set about exploring to find things to do and spend time together. We were driving through beautiful Malibu Canyon, the windows were halfway down and the southern Cali air was hot. We went around a bend and as we headed down a hill – I could feel the Sea in the air – it was an amazing feeling and I knew we were close. We drove up and down looking for a place to pull off and go down by the water, and as we saw a spot open up we pulled in and parked. It wasn’t the typical hustle and bustle area where many people spend the day, and we tiptoed down a path towards the beach. We were looking for a spot to sit, and found an alcove surrounded by rocks – It was carved out by the ocean and nestled in sand, and gave a front row seat of the coast. We were amazed no one else had chosen that spot, because it was the best spot in that area. We prepared our blankets and intended on a short afternoon stay.

Again, time froze – we laughed and talked, watched the children play in the waves, and took pictures of the birds surrounding us hunting for mid-day snacks. Before we knew it, minutes had become hours, and the sun was going down. We were the only ones still there. As we sat watching the sunset, we were greeted by a school of dolphins’ frolicking right in front of us. It became typical everywhere we went, for creatures of nature to come into our path. The only sounds around us were the sounds of the waves crashing into the shore. It was the first time that I would realize the pull and power that the sea would have in our life. As it became dark, the beautiful blue water turned black. It was haunting yet peaceful, and we didn’t want to leave. As we sat looking at the moon – nothing else existed but myself, my twin, and the surroundings. It was watching the enormous black waves of the ocean come towards us, how deep and strong it was that we felt the immensity of love for ourselves, each other, and the planet. We knew at that moment that there are bigger plans for us, all of us.

This spot became our “heaven” on earth. Before we left that night, we claimed it as Ours. Every time we would go back to that same area, whether day or night, our spot was waiting for us. At times the area was filled with people, but our haven was sitting vacant – as if waiting for us to arrive. It was beautiful, and became one of our favorite places to spend time together.

I reflect on this moment for one main reason. The last time we went to that spot together, we walked down the path and onto the beach as we did every other time we had gone. We headed to the right as always, to get to our haven. Something felt odd, and as I kept walking, I realized not only did it not feel right, but it looked different. I turned around and remarked to my twin that the spot wasn’t there. The whole landscape looked different, and there was a feeling similar to déjà vu, but not in a good way. We started walking up and down that part of the coast, looking for our haven, thinking maybe we had passed it – and both getting Goosebumps while we searched. We never saw our spot again – it had vanished. We found another place to sit, but honestly, it was different – we could feel it in the air.

Throughout my blog, I mention cosmic events, synchronicity, and signs that my twin and I experienced. In reflection, this was one of them. This event happened during the last couple of months we were still together. The entire time we were together – that spot by the ocean was exactly the same – with no changes in landscape that can be attributed to erosion or natural movements of the sea. I now see it for what it was – a sign, perhaps a warning – that if we didn’t get it together and repair the damage we had done in our relationship soon, that it can all be gone in the blink of an eye. If only we had paid attention.

“There is nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shore, no matter how many times it is sent away” – Unknown

Love and Light





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