Wonder Twin Flame Powers – Activate!

And so it begins….the wheels are set in motion. By New Years, the trip is set in stone and I mark in my calendar the last weekend in January as D-day for my TF arrival. Now remember my brothers and sisters, I knew nothing about TF at this time, all I knew was that we were both excited to see each other after 9 years. Was I thinking that this old friend and I would end up together? Not in a million years.

The next few weeks were a blur – I was busy with work and he was busy with his life. We talked every few days and the hours of conversation started again. We got each other caught up about LIFE – he had been married for years and gone through a divorce. He was getting his business up and running and also had a younger daughter to care for. I was still in the same career and my sons were now a teenager and young adult. I had been dealing with a chronic health issue and he was a supporter in my journey to improve my life in that area as well. We reveled in the cosmic encounter that occurred – my phone calling his – TWICE in fact I was told. He also had his own experience with receiving a sign – in his decision to text me that day with a plan to take a trip to see me. The one thing we were sure of at that point in time was that we had always had a very special connection, and now that neither was in a relationship anymore – could there be any possibility that romance was in our future?

D-day has arrived. I get to the airport and go inside to wait for his flight to get in. It was the first time that I started to actually think about us meeting again. It was odd but intriguing – What was I thinking, setting aside a whole weekend not even knowing what we were going to do with our time? As I stood there letting my mind get the best of me – he calls to let me know he just arrived and will be walking off the plane in a few minutes. I stand at the entrance to the gate – very similar to how he was standing outside of the building when we first met. I watch all of the passengers passing me by – and all of a sudden I felt a rush of energy fill my body from my toes to my head. I turn my head – and there he was – face to face with me again. He said exactly what he said when we first met, “Hello” and there were no words after that. He immediately put his bags down and we were in each other’s arms – I am not sure how long we stood like that, because again time stopped.

From that day on – we were inseparable. The thoughts and feelings we hadtumblr_mpu2ifJcaO1qflcfao1_500 about each other were coming in tidal waves. Neither of us knew it would be like this, and all we both knew is that we didn’t want it to end. The weekend we spent together was the most amazing few days I have every spent with anyone. It was filled with Love, Laughter, Spirituality, Music, Friendship, and an unstoppable Universal force that took over our bodies and spirit – and created its own plan for our union.

Until you have experienced a Twin Flame connectionif you end up one of the lucky ones that are brought together in physical formyou have NO IDEA. You could do years of research and read hundreds of books, and still have NO IDEA. If you even think of trying to explain it to anyone, you already know what they will think. Crazy? Nutcase? Freak? All of the above…


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